Our Næra Icelandic snacks are YOU food, to nourish your everyday activities and adventures. 

Næra (pronounced naira/ a powerful Iceland verb), means to Nourish, which is our main goal. You deserve tasty exciting and fun snacks that at the same time are packed with nutrition and goodness.


Snacking is of more and more importance to us. But, not all snacks are created equal. Responsible Foods aims to disrupt the snack food market which is characterized by products that are either unhealthy or bland, or both. Life is too short to waste on boring or unhealthy snacks.

Our highly novel healthy snacks are the first of their kind and will meet escalating consumer demand for products that are at the same time healthy, tasty, convenient and FUN to keep you fueled throughout the day.

To make a good thing even better, our novel healthy functional snacks are made with amazing pure Icelandic sustainable ingredients and raw materials.

What´s cooking?

Our sustainable, minimal processing technique gives you a totally new snacking experience. We are not: baked, fried, air dried, or even freeze dried.

Næra Icelandic snacks are made with sustainable geothermal and hydro energy. And…it get´s even better, we use less energy than normal processing technologies.

Ingredients and Products

We make our novel snack products with amazing pure Icelandic ingredients and raw materials…..more to come later